Margarita Vineyard occupies one of the Paso Robles region’s coolest growing environments, ensuring a long growing season that fosters uncommon balance, flavor and structure in our wines.

Pronounced Marine Influence

The climate of Margarita Vineyard is moderated by the surrounding peaks of the Santa Lucia mountain range, just 14 miles from the Pacific Ocean. When the days heat up in the areas north and east of Margarita Vineyard, the air rises to create a vacuum that pulls marine breezes inland and over the peaks—and right through the vineyard. The peaks are frequently enshrouded in coastal fog during the growing season, a vivid testament to the vineyard’s microclimate.

Long Growing Season

The pronounced marine influence, combined with unusually cold spring temperatures, creates a late, long growing season that allows the fruit to develop a signature combination of fully developed flavors and fine structure. 

As the only vineyard in its vicinity, Margarita Vineyard is alone in benefiting from the climatic conditions of this particular location. Here, the ripening process is slow and sometimes challenging, an attribute that is shared by many of the world’s finest vineyards.