Molly Donovan - Internship Round 1

"I have always known that I wanted to go into the ever so evolving world of Business. Recently I’ve learned that business marketing was the avenue I wanted to take. Where I would go with it, I wasn’t quite sure. Agriculture has played a large roll in my life from FFA to managing a cattle ranch so when I was presented with an internship at Ancient Peaks I knew it would be a new challenge. The internship through Ancient Peaks presented a broad training that allowed me to see all the various aspects of the Wine Industry, while still focusing on Business and Marketing. During the first few weeks of my internship I was challenged with a whole new side of agriculture that I had never experienced. I came into Ancient Peaks only knowing the difference between red and white wine, and I’m leaving with a developed knowledge of the wine industry as a whole. Having said all that, Ancient Peaks is not a place to intern if you plan on being passive, it is a hands on educational program. You are not just an intern here, rather a part of a team that is oriented towards the same goal: success. Teamwork is how they operate in every different avenue, from tasting room to corporate events."

Lacie Johns - Internship Round 1

"As I have progressed through college, I have found a deep-rooted passion for agriculture and have realized that I needed to find an avenue where I could apply my career based on my passions. As a business marketing student, I became particularly interested in the wine industry after shadowing Karl and Amanda last summer, so I reached out to them again to see if I could do a business internship with Ancient Peaks Winery this summer. Throughout the past three months, I have grown immensely both professionally and personally as I have learned about the various branches of the industry and worked in the tasting room. I knew next to nothing about wine coming into this, except for the brief overview I received from Amanda last summer. Through hands on experiences at industry events, bottling lines, the vineyard, and the tasting room, I have collected a multitude of skillsets that I will be able to apply to any job moving forward. The wide variety of education I have received has allowed me to experience each branch of the industry, and find where I feel that I would fit the best. I also had the opportunity to meet with other professionals in the industry, and hear their first-hand experiences and words of advice in moving forward. This company has been the most ideal work setting because not only have I been able to collect an education through hands on experiences, but I have also been able to work side by side with people who believe so strongly in their brand and each other. I am extremely grateful for the opportunities I have had this summer, and will miss working at Ancient Peaks."