Our Margarita Vineyard tour is like no other. We personally guide you out to our estate Margarita Vineyard for an intimate hands-on look at growing wine from ground to glass, then we return to a private tasting, where you enjoy our wines and a cheese & charcuterie board from the AP Cafe.

Our tours introduce you to:


During the tour, you will put your hands on the vines, learn about the growing season and discover what it takes to grow premium wine grapes, from pruning to trellising to harvesting.

Soils & Climate

Margarita Vineyard is blessed with a rare array of soils amid one of the Paso Robles region’s coolest growing environments. You will learn how these conditions shape the character of the wines and walk along remarkable soils riddled with 10-million-year-old oyster fossils.


You will also learn about native grass restoration, wildlife corridors, predator perches, compost tea fertilizer and other cutting-edge sustainable practices that we employ to cultivate natural quality in our wines while protecting the vineyard’s rich environment.

Food Pairing

After the tour, you will experience the transformative power of pairing food with wine. We will present you with a plate of small bites chosen to bring out the best in each wine.

Tour Details

Call or email us: (805) 365-7045 / email. Tours are limited to up to 6 people.

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