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Ancient Peaks
April 18, 2013 | Ancient Peaks

Baby, It's Cold Outside...

Spring is a season of renewal in the vineyard—but also a time of potential peril.

Indeed, each April, we are on high alert for morning frosts that can arrive in the wake of bud break, and that can have a devastating impact on the new vine shoots and baby grape clusters.

Thankfully, we have protective measures in place, and we used them just last night after temperatures dipped to 26 degrees in a few blocks at our estate Margarita Vineyard.

We have weather stations throughout the vineyard, and when the temperature begins to plunge toward the freezing point in any of our blocks, our Vineyard Manager Jaime Munoz receives an alert. He and his team then activate the frost protection system, which applies water over the vine. The water coats the new growth and turns to ice, forming a protective barrier—a sort of “igloo” that shields the baby clusters from outside temperatures when they dip below 32 degrees.

We are proud to have invested in a progressive frost protection system that saves water and reflects our commitment to sustainable winegrowing. This system consists of low-flow pulse emitters that spray the water only where it is needed. This saves 30% more water than a traditional overhead rotational sprinkler system.


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