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Vintage Zin Vertical

Vintage Zin Vertical

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2009 Zinfandel 

The 2009 Zinfandel shows a deep, red hue in the center of the glass leading towards a brick tinge at the rim. Fresh with leathery notes of dried beets, bramble berry fruit and hints of dried cranberry with a touch of orange zest. This wine lingers on the finish due to its bright acidity.

2010 Zinfandel 

The 2010 Zinfandel is lighter in color with a hint of orange on the rim. A more linear wine with aromas of earthy, red cherry on the nose. In the mouth the red berries show through with notes of sandalwood along with a concentrated red raspberry aspect and hints of green pepper spice.

2011 Zinfandel 

The 2011 Zinfandel is more vibrant and youthful with hints of vanilla bean and pumpkin spice on the nose along with notes of sweet pipe tobacco and cedar. Matured red fruit intermingles with toasted oak to bring about the flavor of orange cream soda on the finish.

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